Adustelan Metro Station
Crestman Hospital
Abandoned station entrance in December 2016; this entrance was eventually integrated into the new Souls station
Station Statistics
Lines None (formerly B, D)
Location Elijah S. Crestman Memorial Hospital

Jennaviva, Adustelan CW020

Station Status Destroyed
Structure Underground
Platforms 1
Rank Unknown
Other Information
Opened 1966

D Service added 1972

Decommissioned March 30, 2015
Minecraft Builder KrisSlobman01
Former/Other Names Jennaviva-Ocean Avenue
Added to ARHP Never
Station Succession
Next Station North Trade Center-Winslow (Line D)
Next Station East Regency Arts Center (Line B)
Next Station West Jennaviva Convention Center (Lines B/D)
Stations of the Adustelan Metro

This article is about the station that was destroyed on March 30, 2015. For the current station serving the current hospital, see Goldwater-Crestman Hospital (Adustelan Metro Station).

Crestman Hospital was a local station on the Adustelan Metro that was closed as of March 30, 2015. During operation it was serviced by Lines B and D.

The station opened in 1966, originally named Jennaviva-Ocean Avenue. It was renamed in 1984 once it was upgraded to serve the Elijah S. Crestman Memorial Hospital.

In a September 2014 article, Architecture Adustelan Magazine cited Crestman Hospital as being the ugliest station in the Adustelan Metro, calling it a "drab, dilapidated, run-down hellhole" where the "disgusting yellow walls tell patients [at the Hospital] just how important they are to them". A spokesperson for the Crestman Hospital commented saying it is not affiliated with the subway system and does not in any way influence its maintenance and that the metro-ER connection is only a means of last resort, or if a medical emergency happens to occur on the subway system.

The station has not been updated since the addition of the D Line in 1972. There were rumors about the station receiving a future facelift as part of a renovation project in the mid 2000s, but the station was not ultimately considered in the plans.


Station during operation, January 2014

On March 30, 2015, the Crestman Hospital bombings destroyed much of the station.

It was announced in May 2015 that the remnants of the old station will be demolished and a replacement station will be made. It was set to open in January 2016, coinciding with the opening of Carrawayan Souls Memorial and Park, but has been set back due to delays. It opened on September 4, 2017.