Binford Bank Building
A freelance photographer captures the Binford Bank Building from the abandoned tracks of the Adustelan Rapid Transit System, November 2014
General Information
Completed Construction Began 1917,

Completed 1919

Location 2 Gino Street

East Kempton, Adustelan CW024

Minecraft Builder FalconStorm
Record Height
Tallest building in Adustelan? Never
Technical Details
Height 256 ft
Floor Count 17
Building Purpose Currently None (formerly Office, Commerce, Train Station)
Primary Building Materials Cobblestone, Spruce Wood
Added to ARHP N/A

The Binford Bank Building (also known as Binford Tower) is a vacant skyscraper in the East Kempton neighborhood of the City of Adustelan.

History (fictional)

The Binford Bank Building was planned soon after the topping out of the Marigold Building. It was a response by Jack Binford to the claim for power in the city. His bank had been thriving since its opening in 1901 and he needed a way to prove it. In doing so, the second high-rise in the city was built, and completed in 1919. The Old C Line of the Adustelan Rapid Transit System ran through the second story of the building with a station platform, a revolutionary concept at the time in the rapid expansion of rail networks. This line shut down in 1966, after the introduction of the new C Line that same year.

The building remained in use until 2001. The Binford Bank suffered a financial meltdown after the ".Com Crash" in 2000, from which it was never to recover. The building has remained vacant and in disrepair since. The building's architecture has as well recieved its critcisms over the years, being called a "wretched and cheap example of post-gothic style which looms over Kempton" by the Architectual Adustelan magazine, a main advocate for the building's demolition.

So far, as of December 2013, the building is not on the Adustelan Register of Historic Places, but there are efforts being made by local interest groups to potentially renovate the property and protect its historical integrity.

Binford Bank Building Murders

See Binford Bank Building murders for more details.

Development in Minecraft

The Binford Tower's construction began on December 10, 2013 by FalconStorm.